06 May 2009

Say good bye …… to Siti Farah Nor Fatima Mariah Christine Binti Arnold!!

I’m sorry for posting to my blog so late because I just finish presentation for Universiti Malaysia Terengganu annual symposium. I have shared photo-album which was taken by my camera. That is some last days at Malaysia. We had farewell party with Prof. Faizah and Dr. Abol. We also got dinner together at Secret Recipe.

Everybody was so sad when Mariah left here. Good bye to Mariah. Wishing joy, happiness, and success would be to you and your family. We miss you so much. We hope that we will meet you again soon.

06 April 2009

Easter is coming.........

to share food during celebration
taking photos after celebration
to celebrate Palm Sunday

Last week I went to the church at KT for Palm Sunday. Almost one year I came back there. I remember the last time coming there was the Good Friday at last year. Event thought, one of guys who I met him in the last communion had asking me “Are u a Buddhist?” Hichihichic. I think maybe he didn’t see me for long time at the church and I also didn’t eat the Holy in the last week communion because of not yet confession.

The Easter is coming at this weekend. The Christian UMT student has invited me for celebrating of Good Friday and Easter. But I am not sure yet I will joint with them because they said that we would have 1 overnight at the church. I have to start my last experiment as soon as possible and finish my study here the end of this year. I also want to go back my hometown because I was home sick.

Happy Easter! Best wishes to all of my friends.

16 February 2009

Happy birthday to Mimi!!!!!

2:00pm - 16 Feb, 2009.

We celebrated the birthday for mimi at last night. We wanted to make the surprise for her by the midnight birthday party. She has received many messages and gifts from her friend and her family but i think she impressed and will never forget one present from her boyfriend. Can you guess it??
That is chicken pox disease. hehehhehehe.

11 February 2009

Vietnamese new year holidays!!

Hi everybody,

I just come back form my hometown. I got the short holidays. We celebrated Vietnamese new year from the end of January to early of February. During my holidays, i took part many parties and visited my teacher, my friends. That was the wonderful time! I have shared some photos from Vietnam.

09 January 2009

Farewell to my best friend (VENUS)

me, Kim, Lokman (big boss) and Syahnon (nhon-nhon)

I just remember that time at last year when I have gone to Malaysia. You help me a lot. You created the list that was useful tool for oversea study. You also sent me to airport… (Something I can’t tell here. hehehe). Now, you are going to Australia for your study. I am really sorry that I won’t send you to airport. Even thought, I have tried to find many ways to get it.

However, I always give to you all my support. I hope you will be success at anything you do. The new life will open in front of you. I wish you will be enjoy at there and finish your project soon. My friends in here (Lokman, Syahnon, Siti...) also wish you the best luck. They want to send regards to you.

P.S. – I will execute anything that I promised to you. I hope I still have opportunity to do it.

06 January 2009

The first post.

Hi everybody. I just create this blog today morning. I am a postgraduate student at University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT).

Welcome to visit my blog and share anything about study, entertainment, life...